Writing is the most complex aspect and one of the crucial skills for the students.

The essay is composed of an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. The body paragraph should have some sort of pattern in the chronological or comparison/contrast order or both. The conclusion summarizes the final thesis and the main point of an essay.

An essay writing or any other paper task comes naturally to the majority of students. The words, formatting, spelling, and grammatical errors must be corrected in an adequate manner.

A good essay must be presented in a logical order and formatted accordingly with the natural flow of the body paragraphs.  Try to avoid mistakes in content, mistakes in vocabulary, mistakes in style, mistakes in structure, mistakes in spelling, mistakes in punctuation, grammar mistakes.

Try not to write an essay in which the content does not reflect and develop the real plot. Do not write an essay without an introduction and a thesis. In case you lack ideas, do not write a thesis. Also, if you cannot prove ideas with the appropriate ideas, do not write a thesis.

The most common types of vocabulary mistakes are improper use of homonyms, misleading words, wrong grammar forms, and nonstandard vocabulary. How to avoid these vocabulary mistakes? Apply the following strategies such as organizing time more effectively, proofread, and revise writing.

The most common style mistakes are word repetition, inappropriate words and phrases, too many passive structures, too long or short sentences and sentences without coordinating conjunctions.

Essay mistakes

The majority of mistakes in writing papers are due to language interference.

The most common essay mistakes are no thesis, repetition, lack of structure, lack of transitional phrases, punctuation problems, spelling errors, misuse of commas, no evidence and no conclusion.

Other errors are tenses, articles, subject-verb agreement, other agreement errors, infinitive, gerunds, pronouns, word order, incomplete structures, lexical categories, word form, the verb to be negative constructions, and pronouns.

How to correct essay mistakes

In the case of too many topics, the main essay point will lose its meaning and confuse the reader. Try to write simpler and narrow the essay structure.

In the case of too many adjectives and adverbs, the point is unclear. In this case, do not describe but explain and provide precise information.

The overuse of passive voice may make a sentence sound weak, impersonal, and difficult to understand.

Plagiarism is a mistake in case of academic dishonesty. Additionally, the overuse of informal words and phrases may demand knowledge of high-level vocabulary. Avoid slang, clichés, weird abbreviations, etc.

Run-on-sentences mean there is a joint of two or more sentences together without proper punctuation. Such sentences confuse the reader and are inappropriate.

The use of direct dialogue may be of great benefit in a certain essay, do not underestimate it. 

Appropriate development of the thesis is the essence of the writing paper. The paragraphs must explain the central one.

"The essay is the heart and soul of the application." –Gloria Mueller

The informative or an expository essay is a nonfiction essay to present the facts regarding a certain topic. This type of essay explains something, tells something, or gives directions. It is written in a first or third-person voice. Never start a paragraph with ‘’Here’’ or  ‘’There’’ (empty words).

The most common examples are newspaper articles, online articles, magazine articles, encyclopedia articles, and lectures or speeches.  An essay should be personalized according to your inner senses to present your personality and writing ability. In general, how you write reveals your ability and what you write about – reveals you. The main purpose of an essay is to demonstrate the ability to write clearly and concisely.

The structure of the informative essay

The informative essay consists of 5 sections: the introduction paragraph, first body paragraph, second body paragraph, third body paragraph, and the concluding body paragraph. The introduction paragraph consists of a hook, sentences, and thesis statement. The first, second, and third paragraphs must support the main idea with facts, examples, and quotations. The conclusion should paraphrase the main thesis statement.

Teachers recommend writing an essay in an active voice, while the passive voice is not recommended. Use transition words as much as possible: first, another, most important, for example, on the other hand, etc. Add little short stories that create a picture in the readers' mind when reading the essay – anecdotes.

Before any writing, decide what you are writing about and define the essay structure. Outline topic, direction, three main ideas, points, or reasons to describe in the writing task.  Add many details such as stories, figurative language, sensory words, and dialogue. Qualitative writing consists of a purpose, content, audience, structure, thesis sentence, paragraphs, unity and creativity.

An informative essay can also explain certain thesis in the field of science, math, and history. It should be organized in chronological order, cause and effect, and with the main and supporting ideas.

The introduction of the essay

The most captive method is to start the introduction paragraph with a rhetorical question, a famous quote in the form of figurative language.

In the majority of cases, essay failure is due to being too comprehensive, too general, not personal or due to poor editing skills. Overall, a mentor may help. The main advice is not to misinterpret yourself and to believe in yourself and state your own story. There are recommendations on how to develop a point: add anecdotes, vivid verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  Use the figurative language and implement all 5 senses.

The body  paragraphs

In this section of the paragraph, develop more transitions, details, examples, and support evidence. The highest language impact has the use of an anecdote for each reason and with the figurative language.

The conclusion

The concluding paragraph is the fifth and final one. It needs to be shorter than the other – 2-3 sentences. This is the part that summarizes the thesis completely. Finally, revise the writing paper with the necessary corrections such as grammar editing and proofreading.

A paragraph is a group of sentences that form a single idea.

A good paragraph contains a topic sentence, support sentences and a concluding sentence. The topic sentence states the main point and it is the first sentence of the paragraph.

An essay consists of:

  • The introduction that ends in a thesis statement (3-5 sentences). 
  • The body paragraph is composed of 12-15 sentences,
  • The conclusion of 12-15 sentences. 

The introduction aims to capture the audience's attention, to provide background on the topic and to guide the reader through the thesis. The usual way of how to start an essay is explained as the following: provide a general statement, begin with a fact, ask a question, use a quotation and provide a definition.

Types of paragraphs and essay

There are several types of paragraphs and essays. The most common are descriptive forms to describe something and explain to the audience a thing, person or a situation. In the narrative essay, a story is presented. In the expository essay, something is explained or there are instructions provided. A persuasive essay explains a specific point of view or describes the writer’s position.

The support sentences form the body paragraph and their usual number is 8-10 sentences. They aim to develop the main point by using examples and illustrations, citing data such as facts, statistics, evidence, details etc. They usually use quotations and paraphrasing, an anecdote or story, compare and contrast method and evaluate causes, reasons and consequences chronologically.

The concluding sentence summarizes and restates the main idea.

Each paragraph is composed of certain elements. Unity refers to the idea that has a claim and supports that thesis. Coherence is the organization and logic of a piece of writing and adds precision and quality in a thesis as well as supporting arguments. Transitions words are used to connect sentences: however, furthermore, as a result, in fact, yet, finally, meanwhile et.

There is a minimum limit of well-structured paragraphs in a good essay. In case of a majority of college essays, the requirements are 3-5 paragraphs.  The essay consists of 3 parts: an introduction, the body paragraph and a conclusion. For example, in a 250-word essay, 3 well-written paragraphs are usually necessary.

The most common essay requirements are as follows:

  • 500-word essay consisting of 3-4 paragraphs,
  • 800-word essay consisting of 4-8 paragraphs,
  • 1000 word essay consisting of5-10 paragraphs,
  • 2000 word essay consisting of 10-20 paragraphs, etc.

The number of paragraphs and an essay length depends on the type of written task as well. For example, in the case of a reflective and expository essay, there is a need for a variable number of paragraphs. 

The instructions for writing an essay are usually provided by teachers or mentors. There is frequently a part included with stated instructions for writing as well as grading rubric (A-grade and D-grade essay marks).  In most cases, the number of sentences is limited per paragraph.

Covid-19, the beast that has assumed control over the world and shut us inside. The beast has changed life as we probably are aware of it, leaving us with endless inquiries and not almost enough answers. Having contacted practically all aspects of our life, it is critical to comprehend the pandemic and its belongings. Since Coronavirus is a new disease, there are numerous fascinating and questionable points for you to investigate. Here are some crown paper subjects from various fields to kick you off.

Well-being and Covid-19 essay topics 

  • How has Coronavirus influenced our general well-being?
  • What are the indications of Covid-19? Am I not catching it means to be asymptomatic? How might we help eliminate the disgrace that accompanies the infection?
  • What actions is WHO taking to enable various nations to manage the infection?
  • What amount of WHO's essence has been felt by various nations?
  • What are the impacts of Covid on pregnant ladies? Could a pregnant lady with Covid pass the equivalent to the unborn kid?
  • For what reason are pregnant ladies frightened of contracting Covid?
  • What are the impacts of Covid on psychological well-being? Will the pandemic lead to expanded instances of emotional wellness issues?
  • Am I not catching it means to have Coronavirus named as a pandemic? What have different infections been named as pandemic previously?

Economy and Covid-19 essay topics 

  • Coronavirus and economy. How has Covid-19 influenced the world economy? A gander at a few nations that have been intensely hit by the infection.
  • The Chinese infection. A gander at the speculations and the fantasies encompassing Coronavirus. What is the starting point of the infection?
  • Ways of dealing with stress. How have various nations adapted to the pandemic?
  • Is Covid-19 prone to make the best financial downturn have ever been known about the world?
  • What actions are various nations taking to shield their economy from a total fall?
  • Will Italy recoup from the pandemic?
  • What made the pandemic to spread such a significant amount in Italy and Spain other than different countries?
  • A glance at Coronavirus cases in Europe. For what reason did the infection hit Europe such a great amount?

Media and Coronavirus essay topics 

  • A glance at a portion of the individuals who are on the cutting edge battling Covid
  • Covid and the media. How has the media helped bring issues to light concerning the infection?
  • How has counterfeit news concerning Covid prompted expanded dread and uneasiness on the planet?

Sports and Coronavirus essay topics 

  • Impacts of Covid on sports. How have sports endured because of the infection?
  • A gander at the impacts of Covid on the games people
  • What number of games and game occasions have been dropped because of the pandemic?
  • For what reason are endless big names testing positive for Covid?

Religion and Covid-19 essay topics 

  • How has Covid influenced rigorous exercises?
  • Why has the congregation gotten endless blows over Covid?
  • Has the infection made more individuals dismiss to confidence or from confidence?

Environment and Covid-19 essay topics 

  • Are the constructive outcomes on nature thus the pandemic long haul?
  • How has Covid prompted diminished degrees of air contamination?
  • Will the world be the equivalent after Covid is finished?


There are endless things we can talk about and expound on with regards to Covid-19. They express the initial step to tackling an issue is, above all else, perceiving that there is one. Finding out about it helps get it—all the best as you pick your Covid-19 article theme.

Most universities and colleges across the world have to submit an essay together with their college application. Some institution gives you something to write about while others leave it to the applicant to choose their preferred topic. The advantage is that there are very many things you could write about. The trouble is settling on a topic that will be impressive and captivating to the target readers. Choosing a topic is the most stressful part of the entire process of writing an essay. Good essay topics differ depending on the person writing it or the readers’ taste. That notwithstanding, we will take a look at some possible topics that could be useful to you.

  • I Shot My Brother
  • My Grandma’s Kimchi  
  • A Girl Muses on a Dead Bird
  • How voyaging Lead to My Love Language
  • My Self-Proclaimed Identity
  • My Grandmother Passing
  • The Instagram Post
  • Transformers Are Not Just for Boys
  • My Cosmetic Journey
  • Easter, Travel, and Dad
  • Where I’m Home
  • A Life of Imagination
  • A Word a Day,
  • Crap, Animals, and the Environment
  • My First Flight Failed, But My Love Was Born
  • From Homeschool to the Football Field
  • Exercises From My Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • A Palestinian Hunger Strike Turns Into a Purpose
  • Confidence Lost and Faith Found
  • Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
  • My Foreign Exchange Experience
  • My Allergies Inspired Me
  • Where would you like to visit this place?
  • Who is somebody you have supported because they can’t represent themselves?
  • What’s happening with you?
  • What drives you mad?
  • What your big desire that you would want to achieve in school?
  • What do you need individuals to think about you yet are reluctant to let them know?
  • What book would you prescribe to everybody?
  • Inform us regarding a period where you needed to either face a challenge or remain safe.
  • Enlighten us concerning a period where you tested your prior perspective. Why?
  • Reveal to us a point that you have adjusted your perspective on in the previous three years.
  • Discussion about a single accomplishment that is inconsequential to scholastics
  • Discussion about an individual that has assisted you understand yourself more positively.
  • Pick your theme for this essay.
  • Pick a statement that depicts a ton about you, and clarify why you interface with it.
  • Pick a bill and expound why it is so important to you.
  • If you somehow managed to show a class, what might your class be on?
  • If you somehow managed to give a meaningful discourse or a TED talk, what might it be about?
  • On the off chance that you could time travel to whenever and put, where might you go?
  • If you could stop one improvement from being realized, what might you pick?
  • If you could meet with any individual, living or dead, for 60 minutes, who might it be?
  • On the off chance that you could offer any guidance to an approaching secondary school understudy, what might it be?
  • If you could transform one day of your life, what might you change? Why?
  • If you could add an alteration to the Constitution, what might you include?


With the above examples, we hope you will have an easy time choosing your college essay's relevant topic.

English language classes typically require a ton of composing. At the point when you are a middle school understudy, you don't feel the weight. Yet, secondary school and undergrads have appointed complex subjects. They are infrequently allowed to pick their thought, so it makes the circumstance much messier. A pugnacious paper ought to be founded on three significant arrangement of abilities of any great understudy:

  • Research aptitudes
  • Writing aptitudes
  • Analytical aptitudes

You may feel that it is better when your educator doles out a specific contentious subject to you. Reserving an option to build up your thought is, in every case, better. When dealing with the convincing article, a student should gather all significant and authentic sources to show his insight into the specific issue.

Best Argumentative Paper Topics

  • Internet access must be restricted to understudies.
  • Young individuals must reserve a privilege to pick with regards to the military.
  • What are the preferences US instructive framework offers to global understudies?
  • Which auxiliary dialects merit concentrating today?
  • Is training too marketed these days?
  • Is current scholarly evaluating supportive in execution?
  • Are tests like SAT and ACT viable?
  • Advantages and disservices of MBA program
  • What should be possible to help adolescents in keeping up a good weight?
  • Physical training in the educational system
  • Does support in NCAA contrarily impact the scholarly exhibition?
  • What is the strong top record in sport?
  • Is Michael Jordan still a ball star?
  • What is the genuine connection between food, wellness, and weight?
  • What are the negative impacts of diets?
  • Society should battle with anorexia.
  • To manage medical problems, individuals should consider their rest more.
  • Is golf despite everything requested?
  • Steroid takers must be prohibited from group activities exercises.
  • Is swimming the best sort of game?
  • Hockey and different perilous games
  • Production and deals of tobacco must be made unlawful.
  • The death sentence ought to be actuated in each nation of the world.
  • Smoking out in the open spots must be restricted.
  • Alcohol use ought to be controlled.
  • They ought not to sell liquor drinks after 11 P.M.
  • Energetic beverages ought to be restricted and made unlawful.
  • Should court procedures be archived for TV?
  • The most likely age to reserve a privilege to cast a ballot
  • When would citizens be able to begin drinking and smoking 
  • On the entire, is there equity for all?
  • Should rainforests devastations be rebuffed?
  • To what degree are electric vehicles an answer for worldwide contamination?
  • Pros and cons of globalization.
  • Is it OK to date a more youthful male?
  • What are we interbreeding?
  • What ought to be the function of accomplices in relationship and family?
  • Is web-based dating protected and profitable?
  • Will individuals begin wedding their PCs soon?
  • 2D versus 3D versus 4D: What's Next?
  • Can the chip control the human brain as they do in superhuman motion pictures?
  • Does Griffins Family relate to the regular American family?
  • Marijuana ought to be legitimate.
  • Should guardians be delicate on their youngsters?
  • Does artistry pay?
  • Can music and cinematography be called craft as well?
  • Is gothic craftsmanship the most liked and grand in the history of humanity?
  • Can you prevail in life working in the field of craftsmanship?
  • Are the present music tracks instructive or significant by any means?
  • Are current versus excessively unequivocal for a youthful crowd?
  • How long should a movie last?


Everything appears to be simple: select, draft, compose, and update. You may save your essay for your future activity portfolio if they are exceptionally evaluated.

This sample is presented by WriteMyEssay.Today.

After the post-war euphoria, the baby-boom and the expansion of the consumer society, the USA entered a period of social and political trouble. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, and his brother Bobby and Martin Luther King in 1968. Moreover, this nation, which is the most powerful in the world, was unable to win an unpopular war in Vietnam and faced massive opposition at home from left-wing intellectuals, militant blacks and women’s liberationists.

Pop Revolution

Against such a background, the Pop Revolution, which affected all art forms, expressed young people’s dissatisfaction with the conventional society. The Pop Revolution broke down social barriers among the young, who began to express their thoughts and feelings without inhibition. This was a major change in the pattern of the American life.

Pop art expressed a move away from Abstract art and mirrored the advanced consumerism of the American society in which new products such as electric guitars, amplifiers, freezers, and instant meals flooded ordinary life. Artists such as Andy Warhol reproduced everyday images of the American pop culture - soup cans, Coca Cola bottles, cigarette packs and comic strips.

In music, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, two of the most prominent voices of the 60s, introduced political and social protest in their songs and expressed their views against the war in Vietnam and against racial segregation. This musical era culminated in the Woodstock concert in 1969. The Pop Revolution expressed its anti-Establishment attitude in outward appearance as well: clothes became brightly colored and Oriental, and both men and women wore their hair very long.

U.S. Today

The United States continues to struggle with the attempt to balance domestic needs and international concerns. There are economic, political, cultural as well as social problems that exist in the U.S. and abroad. For instance, how should U.S. deal with climate change? With terrorism? With poverty and inequality? With humanitarian crises? A consensus about how to deal with this issues is difficult to achieve. All in all, a healthy democracy is requiring both debate and discussion as far as values and policies are concerned. All these endeavors are shaping the place of U.S. in the world. It is worth mentioning that the universal as well as permanent truths of both human equality and liberty are kept in the U.S. by the rule of law while being reflected in its institutions and cherished by all people.

Oscar Wilde’s play, The Importance of Being Earnest, is set in the English society during the turn of the Twentieth Century. At this point in English history, social class was a crucial concept in English history. There was a rigid class structure with the aristocracy controlling social standards. Other classes, such as the working class, and the developing middle class, could never become a part of the upper class. The aristocracy were a closed circle and married almost exclusively amongst themselves. The play discusses many of these issues as an importance concept.

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Writing an APA composition is a very formal task to undertake. The instructions need to be followed exactly and the guidelines are to be maintained throughout the article, from the very title to the final word. Needless to say, the author must be very careful and aware. Certain necessary rules and regulations need to be kept in mind while scripting such a composition.
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