The Most Common Mistakes In English Essays

Writing is the most complex aspect and one of the crucial skills for the students.

The essay is composed of an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. The body paragraph should have some sort of pattern in the chronological or comparison/contrast order or both. The conclusion summarizes the final thesis and the main point of an essay.

An essay writing or any other paper task comes naturally to the majority of students. The words, formatting, spelling, and grammatical errors must be corrected in an adequate manner.

A good essay must be presented in a logical order and formatted accordingly with the natural flow of the body paragraphs.  Try to avoid mistakes in content, mistakes in vocabulary, mistakes in style, mistakes in structure, mistakes in spelling, mistakes in punctuation, grammar mistakes.

Try not to write an essay in which the content does not reflect and develop the real plot. Do not write an essay without an introduction and a thesis. In case you lack ideas, do not write a thesis. Also, if you cannot prove ideas with the appropriate ideas, do not write a thesis.

The most common types of vocabulary mistakes are improper use of homonyms, misleading words, wrong grammar forms, and nonstandard vocabulary. How to avoid these vocabulary mistakes? Apply the following strategies such as organizing time more effectively, proofread, and revise writing.

The most common style mistakes are word repetition, inappropriate words and phrases, too many passive structures, too long or short sentences and sentences without coordinating conjunctions.

Essay mistakes

The majority of mistakes in writing papers are due to language interference.

The most common essay mistakes are no thesis, repetition, lack of structure, lack of transitional phrases, punctuation problems, spelling errors, misuse of commas, no evidence and no conclusion.

Other errors are tenses, articles, subject-verb agreement, other agreement errors, infinitive, gerunds, pronouns, word order, incomplete structures, lexical categories, word form, the verb to be negative constructions, and pronouns.

How to correct essay mistakes

In the case of too many topics, the main essay point will lose its meaning and confuse the reader. Try to write simpler and narrow the essay structure.

In the case of too many adjectives and adverbs, the point is unclear. In this case, do not describe but explain and provide precise information.

The overuse of passive voice may make a sentence sound weak, impersonal, and difficult to understand.

Plagiarism is a mistake in case of academic dishonesty. Additionally, the overuse of informal words and phrases may demand knowledge of high-level vocabulary. Avoid slang, clich├ęs, weird abbreviations, etc.

Run-on-sentences mean there is a joint of two or more sentences together without proper punctuation. Such sentences confuse the reader and are inappropriate.

The use of direct dialogue may be of great benefit in a certain essay, do not underestimate it. 

Appropriate development of the thesis is the essence of the writing paper. The paragraphs must explain the central one.

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